ESR, Ryusei Oketani awarded excellent poster prize at Symposium on Molecular Chirality in Chiba, Japan

Ryusei Poster PrizeWe are extremely pleased to announce that Early Stage Researcher, Ryusei Oketani based at SMS Lab, University of Rouen won the excellent poster prize at the Symposium on Molecular Chirality in Chiba, Japan, 10-12 May 2018.  The poster was titled "Derassemization of axial chiral naphthamide: racemization rate and crystallization rate"

Congratulations to Ryusei

ee Ryusei's blog post about attending the Symposium 


Free WEBINAR - The Influence of Crystallization Kinetics on Your Process

Measuring Primary and Secundary Nucleation in Crystallization

Date: 26 April 2018

Time: 16:00 (Amsterdam time)

This Free Technobis webinar, presented by Prof. Dr. Joop ter Horst, will look at how crystallization kinetics influence you crystallization process.  Learn how to standardize your experimental approaches to obtain reliable data for a consistent and robust crystallization process design.



A major success at the European level for CORE Prof Marco Mazzotti who secured an ERC Research Advanced Grant on Crystallization

Congratulations to Prof Marco Mazzotti, ETH who was awarded an ERC AdG on crystallization!   The research deals with separation processes, with application to biopharmaceuticals and carbon dioxide capture and storage systems, and has a strong focus on crystallisation. Many products in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry are produced as powders through a continuous crystallization process, in which crystals are generated by secondary nucleation in agitated crystal suspensions. In his ERC project, SNICC “Studying Secondary Nucleation for the Intensification of Continuous Crystallization”, Marco Mazzotti aims at filling the gaps of scientific understanding on secondary nucleation at the microscale, so as to enable the optimization and control of continuous crystallisation at the process scale. The ETH professor hopes the project will have a substantial impact on the science of crystallisation and the related industrial processes. 


University of Strathclyde Press Release, Crystal Growth Competition
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ESR, Francesca Cascella awarded Best Poster Award at 25th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization (BIWIC), Rouen
Francesca Cascella based at Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg won the First Place, Best Poster Award at the 25th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization (BIWIC), 6-7 September 2018, University of Rouen, France.... more