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blog posts

Rehman, Ghufran ur (2018)
CORE Family

Hoffmann, Johannes (2018)
Working Cross Borders

Valenti, Giulio (2018)
Why not apply for a Marie Curie fellowship

Oketani, Ryusei (2018)
Conference report ~Symposium on Molecular chirality in Japan~

Cascella, Francesca (2018)
Behind the scenes of a Marie Curie PhD

Devogelaer, Jan-Joris , Carola Tortora
A taste of industry: interacting with the network’s partners

Tortora, Carola , Jan-Joris Devogelaer (2018)
A taste of industry: interacting with the network’s partners

Harfouche, Lina (2017)
The secondment: a rewarding experience in Glasgow

Mbodji, Aliou , Giuseppe Belletti (2017)
Summer School, Nijmegen ’17 – Teamwork is the key

book chapter

Coquerel, Gerard (2017)
Phase Diagrams for Process Design

journal articles

Ter Horst, Joop , Peetikamol Kongsamai, Atthaphon Maneedaeng, Chalongsri Flood, Joop H. ter Horst, Adrian E. Flood (2017)
Effect of additives on the preferential crystallization of L-asparagine monohydrate
The European Physical Journal Special Topics, April 2017, Volume

Ter Horst, Joop , Steendam, René R. E. (2017)
Continuous Total Spontaneous Resolution
Crystal Growth and Design, 17 (8). pp. 4428-443

Vlieg, Elias , Anthonius H. J. Engwerda, Niels Koning, Paul Tinnemans, Hugo Meekes, F. Matthias Bickelhaupt , Floris P. J. T. Rutjes (2017)
Deracemization of a Racemic Allylic Sulfoxide Using Viedma Ripening
Crystal Growth and Design, pp 4454–4457

Coquerel, Gerard , Quentin Viel, Laurent Delbreilh, Samuel Petit, and Eric Dargent (2017)
Molecular Mobility of an Amorphous Chiral Pharmaceutical Compound: Impact of Chirality and Chemical Purity
The Journal of Physical Chemistry , 121 (32), pp 7729–77

Kellogg, Richard (2017)
Practical Stereochemistry
Accounts Chem. Res, 50, 905-914

Ter Horst, Joop , Christos Xiouras, Tom Van Gerven, and Georgios D. Stefanidis (2017)
Coupling Viedma Ripening with Racemic Crystal Transformations: Mechanism of Deracemization
Crystal Growth and Design, 17 (9), pp 4965–4976

Breveglieri, Francesca (2018)
Deracemization of NMPA via Temperature Cycles
Crystal Growth and Design

Tsogoeva, Svetlana , T. Fröhlich, C. Reiter, M. E. M. Saeed, C. Hutterer, F. Hahn, M. Leidenberger, O. Friedrich, B. Kappes, M. Marschall, T. Efferth (2018)
Synthesis of Thymoquinone–Artemisinin Hybrids: New Potent Antileukemia, Antiviral, and Antimalarial Agents
ACS Med. Chem. Lett

Oketani, Ryusei , Marine Hoquante, Clément Brandel, Pascal Cardinael, Gérard Coquerel (2018)
Practical role of racemization rates in deracemization kinetics and process productivities
Crystal Growth and Design

Belletti, Giuseppe , Hugo Meekes, Floris P. J. T. Rutjes and Elias Vlieg (2018)
Role of Additives during Deracemization Using Temperature Cycling
Crystal Growth and Design

conference / workshop poster

Bhandari, Shashank , S. Qamar, A. Seidel-Morgenstern (2018)
Cyclic Batch Preferential Crystallization for Conglomerates and Racemic Compounds

Bhandari, Shashank , A. Seidel-Morgerstern (2017)
Continuous Crystallization Process Design Strategies

Devogelaer, Jan-Joris , R. de Gelder, H. Meekes, and E. Vlieg (2018)
Discovering new cocrystals via coformer-network analysis

Belletti, Giuseppe , H. Meekes, F. P. J. T. Rutjes and E. Vlieg (2018)
The role of additives during deracemization using temperature cycling

Breveglieri, Francesca , G.M. Maggioni, and M. Mazzotti (2018)
Evaluation and optimization of solid-state deracemisation via temperature cycles

Cascella, Francesca , E. Temmel , A. Seidel-Morgenstern, H. Lorenz (2018)
Fundamental Studies for Continuous Preferential Crystallization of Guaifenesin

Devogelaer, Jan-Joris , R. de Gelder, H. Meekes, and E. Vlieg (2018)
Discovering new cocrystals via coformer-network analysis

Harfouche, Lina , Clément Brandel, Yohann Cartigny, Gérard Coquerel and Samuel Petit (2018)
Implementation of Preferential Crystallization in unfavorable cases: Detection of metastable conglomerate