associate partners

Associate partner organisations are non-beneficiaries who contribute to the implementation of the project by providing training and hosting researchers during secondments. Partner organisations do not employ researchers within the project and do not sign the Grant Agreement.  They are members of the supervisory board.

Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Germany (MPI)
Scientist in Charge: Professor Heike Lorenz 

TeraCrystal, Romania (TC) 
Scientist in Charge: Dr Mihaela Pop

University of Rouen

Process Systems Enterprise, UK (PSE) 
Scientist in Charge: Dr Sean Bermingham

ETH Logo

Merck KGaA - Central Process Development PM-OT / Cryst.Lab PM-OTS-D, Germany (MERCK) 
Scientist in Charge: Dr David Maillard

University of Manchester Logo 

Corbion Purac - Purac Biochem BV, The Netherlands (CORBION)
Scientist in Charge: Dr Luisa Cruz

FAU Logo new  Seqens, France (Formerly PCAS)
Scientist in Charge: Dr Gérard Guillamot