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Associate Partner - TeraCrystal (TC)

Project Roles: Member Supervisory Board


Mihaela Pop serves as Chief Scientific Officer and currently oversees the entire scientific, research and technological operations at TeraCrystal. Her experience in solid-state chemistry has been accumulated from both academic and industry working environment. Having gained a PhD in Crystallography from “Babes-Bolyai” University of Cluj, she moved forward to take up a postdoctoral fellowship at University of Amsterdam. She started her professional career at Avantium BV, The Netherlands, being responsible for key commercial solid-state programs for pharmaceutical industry. Prior TeraCrystal, in her capacity as Director of EU program HT-Pharma, she built the entire crystallization team and integrated new state of the art facility into an effective workflow.  She deeply understands the scientific and commercial value of polymorphism and crystallization studies in the drug development process, her scientific expertise being enriched by a substantial experience in developing, implementing and promoting of new concepts related with crystal structure investigations. She has an extensive track record of innovation and research contributions in most of these areas.

Research Interests

The research interests of Mihaela Pop span many facets of solid-state chemistry, from crystallography and solid form screening of pharmaceutical compounds to crystal engineering, and crystallization method development. The area at the interface of fundamental science and engineering, aimed at understanding crystal structure-physical proprieties relationship of chemical entities is her broad field of expertise. Her area of interest encompasses also crystal structure determination of very small and severely disordered crystals and of polycrystalline materials using X-Ray Diffraction techniques. A special strength is the design of tailored screening methods towards discovery and characterization of novel polymorphic forms of active compounds.

Selected Publications

G. Borodi, M.Pop, O. Onija, X. Filip, “Distinct disordered forms of promethazine hydrochloride: A case of intergrowth of polymorphic domains?, Crystal Growth & Design, 12(12) (2012) 5846-5851.

M. Pop, S. Mulder, P. Sieger, M. Pieper, EP1896026 (2013) “Process for preparing tiotropium salts, 
tiotropium salts as such and pharmaceutical compositions thereof”.

F. Martin, M. Pop, G. Borodi,X. Filip, I. Kacso, “ Ketoconazole salt and co-crystals with enhanced aqueous solubility”, Crystal Growth & Design, 13(12) (2013) 4295-4304.

M. Muresan-Pop, D. Braga,  M. Pop, G. Borodi,I. Kacso, L. Maini, “Crystal Structure and Physicochemical Characteriza6on of Ambazone Monohydrate, Anhydrous, and Acetate Salt Solvate”, J. Pharm. Sci. 103(11) (2014) 3594-601.

M. Miclaus, I. Kacso, F. Martin, L. David  M. Pop, C. Filip,X. Filip, “Crystal Structure and Desolvation Behaviour of the Tadalafil Monosolvates with Acetone and Methyl Ethyl Ketone”, J. Pharm. Sci. 104(11) (2015) 3782-8.

Contact details

+31 624 727 644 
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