Francesca BreveglieriFrancesca BREVEGLIERI

ESR8: Optimization of Viedma Ripening

Host institution: ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich), Switzerland (ETH)
Supervisor: Prof Marco MAZZOTTI
Industrial toolbox research group: WP4 Hybrid Resolution
Individual project research objective: Methods for optimization and control of Viedma ripening.
Committee membership: Supervisory Board 
Visits/Secondments: UM, USTRATH, SYNCOM


She graduated in Industrial Pharmacy in October 2016 at the University of Ferrara. Thanks to the heterogeneous degree program, she learned the pharmacology, technology and chemistry of medicine as well as their production processes. In addition, she improved various kinds of skills, for example laboratory skills, and her ability in communicate with the costumers. During her internships in italian and german pharmacies she applied what she learned about the distribution and the preparation of drugs. To prepare her Master’s thesis, “Design, Synthesis, and SAR Study of New Inhibitors of MAGL, Endocannabinoid System’s Modulator Enzyme”, she focused on the organic synthesis of pyrazoles’ and imidazoles’ derivates with potential activity on the endocannabinoid system, that could lead to different therapeutic effects, among them analgesic and antitumoral effects.

Research Interests

She is interested in improvement of pharmaceutical therapy from different point of view. She worked to synthesize new pyrazoles’ and imidazoles’ derivates, that revealed a good in vitro inhibitory activity and could be developed for a pharmaceutical application in tumor and pain therapy. At the moment she is involved in the study of processes that allow the purification of different compounds, for example a pharmaceutical intermediate. In particular, the project is focused on the Viedma Ripening, that brings to the formation of enantiomeric pure crystals either from a racemic solution of a chiral conglomerate-forming compound or from a solution of an achiral compound forming chiral crystals. She intends to study and develop the potential of this phenomenon, which is currently limited by the compound’s requirement and the high variability in the experimental data.
Publications A comprehensive list is available from Ryusei's personal web-site which is linked below.

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