Joop ter HorstDr Valerie DUPRAY

Beneficiary Partner - University of Rouen, France (UR)

Project Role: Supervisor ESR11


Valerie Dupray did her undergraduate studies in Physics at the University of Rouen Normandy (France) where she obtained her PhD in Optics in 1999 working on the development of new materials and components for telecommunication applications. After a postdoctoral year at Imperial College of London in the Applied Optics Group of Professor Chis Dainty, she returned to Rouen as Assistant Professor in the Laboratory of Biophysics and biomaterials where she gained complementary skills in vibrational spectroscopy. In 2004, she joined the SMS laboratory “Sciences et Méthodes Séparatives» (Separative Sciences and Methods) EA3233 headed by Prof. Gerard COQUEREL to develop original methods based on nonlinear optics for the characterization of pharmaceutical crystalline compounds and more specifically chiral compounds. In 2013, she obtained her accreditation to conduct research (HDR). Since, she has held a position of Associate professor at the SMS Lab.

Research Interests

Development of inovative optical methods for the fine characterizations of organic solid compounds and their phase transition mecanisms (Nonlinear optics based systems). Keywords : physico-chemical properties, chirality, heterogeneous system, crystalline state.

Selected Publications

Yuan, L. N., Clevers, S., Couvrat, N.,  Cartigny, Y., Dupray, V. and Coquerel, G. (2016), Precise Urea/Water Eutectic Composition by Temperature-Resolved Second Harmonic Generation, Chemical Engeeniering & Technology, 39, 7,1326-1332.

Contact details

+33 (0) 2 32 39 90 82 / +33 (0)2 35 52 24 09
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