Joop ter HorstProfessor Elias VLIEG

Beneficiary Partner - Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands (RUN) 

Project Roles: Vice Chair Steering Committee, Work Package 6: Dissemination Committee Lead, Member Supervisory Board


Elias Vlieg studied physics at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, and obtained his PhD on ‘X-ray scattering from semiconductor surfaces and interfaces’ in 1988 at the University of Leiden, for work performed at the FOM-institute AMOLF in Amsterdam and Daresbury Laboratory, UK and with Prof. J.F. van der Veen as supervisor. After a two-year post-doc at AT&T Bell Laboratories (in the group of Prof. I.K. Robinson, with Brookhaven National Laboratories as work location), he returned as group leader to AMOLF. In 1998 he became full professor in Solid State Chemistry at the Radboud University. He was director of the multidisciplinary research Institute for Molecules and Materials from 2009-2016.

Research Interests

The research theme of the Solid State Chemistry group is the fundamental understanding of crystal growth, for which a wide range of experimental, computational and theoretical methods are applied to a wide range of crystals. Elias Vlieg’s current interests include chiral separation, protein crystallization, additives, self-assembly and the atomic-scale structure of solid-liquid interfaces. In the Applied Materials Science group, Chemical Vapor Deposition is used to aim for practical applications of III-V semiconductors for thin film solar-cells.

Selected Publications

Noorduin, W. L., Izumi, T., Millemaggi, A., Leeman, M., Meekes, H., Enckevort, W. J. P. V., Kellogg, R. M., Kaptein, B., Vlieg, E. & Blackmond, D. G.( 2008) Emergence of a single solid chiral state from a nearly racemic amino acid derivative.   In : Journal of the American Chemical Society.   130 4 2 p. 

Contact details

+31 24 3653070 
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