Brigitta Bodák Brigitta BODAK

ESR4: Process models for Continuous Resolution Control & Optimization

Host institution:  ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich), Switzerland (ETH)
Supervisor:  Prof Marco MAZZOTTI 
Industrial toolbox research group: WP3 Towards Continuous
Individual project research objective:  To develop a modelling platform that enables characterization, design, and optimization of different batch and continuous crystallization operations, which are applied to chiral systems and aimed at producing single enantiomeric crystals.
Committee membership: Exploitation Committee
Visits/Secondments: OVGU, MPI, Corbion


Brigitta Bodák, PhD student in ETH Zurich, Separation Processes Laboratory. She graduated in Engineering in Pharmaceutical Industry in January, 2017 at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Her Master's thesis was the Development of a New Image Analysis System for Pharmaceutical Crystallization. BSc in Chemical Engineering, her thesis: Solid dosage form development from a poorly water soluble drug. Chemical engineering industrial experience at a Hungarian pharmaceutical company. Summer internship at University College London, School of Pharmacy.

Research Interests

She has a crystallization background as she was working on the development of a real-time camera system for the feedback control of pharmaceutical crystallization. She further developed her project with a research associate of Loughborough University. She took an internship in industry at Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC as a researcher intern, where she got familiar with the practical problems concerning the crystallization and formulation of different APIs. Moreover, Brigitta has a pharmaceutical point of view as she was into drug formulation during her BSc project and also at UCL.

Contact details
+41 44 632 09 24
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Bodák, Brigitta , G.M. Maggioni, and M. Mazzotti (2018)
Population Balance Model of Solid-State Deracemization Through Temperature Cycles