Ghufran ur Rehman Ghufran UR REHMAN

ESR15: Chirally discriminant in-situ process analytical technologies

Host institution:  University of Manchester, UK
Supervisor: Dr Thomas VETTER, Professor Philip MARTIN 
Industrial toolbox research group: WP5 Enabling Resolution
Individual project research objective: The development of a Process Analytical Tool for the online determination of the enantiomeric excess in the crystalline phase of a suspension.
Committee membership: Training Committee
Visits/Secondments: MPI, ETH, CC


At present, PhD student in School of Chemical and Analytical Science at University of Manchester UK. Ghufran started his journey in Academia by pursuing BEng in Materials Science from an esteemed institute (NUST) in Pakistan. He then laid his research foundation by doing an MSc with Honours in Advanced Materials and Process Engineering at Nuremberg University in Germany. This degree program was a unique combination of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering including advanced chemical processes and biological aspects as well.  

In addition to his research work at UG and MS level, he undertook an Industrial internship experience at the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited & Advanced Engineering Research Organization, learning about chemical processing, metallurgical and composite formulation and characterization. This provided him with an insight into industrial challenges that are usually faced in process engineering, making him aware of the need for standard operating procedures and test methodologies that are integral to industrial processes.

As part of his professional experience, he was employed as a research assistant in the Materials Department at FAU Erlangen University in metallurgy lab and also as student lab assistant in Max-Planck Institute for the science of light, Germany. After completing his MSc, he was appointed as Lecturer at Institute of Space Technology Islamabad Pakistan

Research Interests

Material Science is a subject area that fascinates him the most because of its applied nature, applicable to all basic necessities of life. Furthermore, imagination of material scientists in collaboration with engineers, chemists, physicist and biologists is continuously pushing the boundaries to new levels, as new products & applications are arising from Nano‐materials and new technologies are being developed to improve the quality of life of millions – and that is the most important aspect attracting him to this field, “to work for the benefit of mankind”. He specialized in surface engineering in his BEng that taught him importance of surface & interfacial properties. Major research interests are in Nanotechnology and Advanced Process, as he opted for these as his focal subjects during his Masters. The research field he has opted for in his PhD is an extension of this discipline.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • “Development of flexible thread sensor for application as strain gauge”, IEEE Sensors Journal Accepted, Oct 2016.
  • “Applications of Raman Spectroscopy in Dentistry”, Applied spectroscopy reviews, Manuscript ID LAPS-2014-004, Nov 2014.
  • “Influence of MWCNTs as Secondary Reinforcement Material in Glass Fiber/Epoxy Composites Fabricated using VARTM”, Published: April 2014, App. Poly. Composites, Vol.2 pg. 17 – 27

Book Chapter

  • Functionalization of CVD Graphene via electro-grafting for gas sensor, LAMBERT Academic Publishing (ISBN 978-3-659-95929-5), September 2016

Poster Presentation

  • Graphene as Transparent Electrode and Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering of Graphene on Split Ring Resonators, Poster presented on 2nd International Congress on Next Generation Solar Energy, 09-11, December 2013 Erlangen, Germany.
  • Gallium Nitride GaN LED Based on Nano-rods, Poster presented on Engineering of Advanced Materials (EAM) Symposium 25th, November 2014 Erlangen, Germany. 

Contact details
+44 (0)161 306-4370

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Rehman, Ghufran ur , Francesca Cascella (2020)
An Interview with Two CORE Early Career Researchers
CORE Blog post, 30 January 2020



Rehman, Ghufran ur (2018)
CORE Family
CORE Blog post, 26 July 2018


Rehman, Ghufran ur , Thomas Vetter (2018)
Design of closed loop auto-sampling device able to characterize enantiomeric excess in liquids and solids during chiral resolution processes
25th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization (BIWIC), 6-7 September 2018, University of Rouen, France

Public engagement

Rehman, Ghufran ur , Shashank Bhandari, Giuseppe Belletti, Francesca Cascella, Lina Harfouche, Aliou Mbodji, Carola Tortora, Giulio Valenti, Raghunath Venkatramanan (2018)
CORE Crystal Growth Competition with Local High Schools
CORE Crystal Growth competition with local high schools (2018) France, Germany, The Netherlands, UK