Sudhansu Sekhar JenaMaxime Charpentier

ESR13: Screening of Crystallization Kinetics in Chiral Systems

Host institution:  University of Strathclyde, Scotland UK (USTRATH)
Supervisor:  Prof Joop TER HORST and Dr Karen JOHNSTON 
Industrial toolbox research group: WP5 Enabling Resolution
Individual project research objective:  The development of a method to analyse crystallization kinetics of multicomponent chiral systems.
Committee membership: Exploitation Committee
Visits/Secondments: FAU, UR, PSE


Maxime Charpentier starts his PhD in CORE project in July 2018 after he obtains a Master’s Degree in Crystallization at the University of Rouen Normandy in France. Thanks to his formation he specialized in solid-state chemistry and crystallization of organic molecules. Through his research experience in the SMS laboratory at Rouen he has developed skills in understanding of thermodynamic equilibria, chiral resolution and polymorphism. His project consists in developing a screening method to quickly and reliably determine the crystallization-based kinetic resolution possibilities of a new chiral compound. At term, this method will be integrated into a screening tool for the crystallization behaviour of chiral compounds in complex multicomponent systems

Research Interests

He developed an interest in polymorphism of organic crystals and phase equilibria whilst working with SMS Laboratory in Rouen. Taking part in this activity in the laboratory also made him familiar with chirality and deracemization techniques. Crystallization is a subject area that fascinates him with applications like chiral separation and establishment of crystallization processes thanks to phase diagrams.


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+44 (0)141 444 7197

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