Sudhansu Sekhar JenaSudhansu SEKHAR JENA

ESR13: Screening of Crystallization Kinetics in Chiral Systems

Host institution:  University of Strathclyde, Scotland UK (USTRATH)
Supervisor:  Prof Joop TER HORST
Industrial toolbox research group: WP5 Enabling Resolution
Individual project research objective:  The development of a method to analyse crystallization kinetics of multicomponent chiral systems.
Committee membership: Dissemination Committee
Visits/Secondments: FAU, UR, PSE


He graduated with an Integrated BS-MS dual degree in chemical sciences from IISER KOLKATA. His interest led to performing well academically and he was awarded the INSPIRE (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research) fellowship for all five years of study at IISER – a scholarship awarded by the Department of Science and Technology of the Government of India. He acquired expertise in the field related to polymer chemistry, with emphasis on polymer synthesis by living radical polymerization methods and characterization in the area of polymer gels, degradable polymers, dental resins, biosensors and nanoporous materials, synthesis and characterization of distinct polymer architectures and hybrid materials. Further, he extended his knowledge to crystal design and pharmaceutical science with an emphasis on the study of crystal structure and crystallization process. He performed relevant projects in the synthesis of co crystals followed by study on solvothermal crystallization.  he was then shortlisted for DST- INSPIRE Fellowship (8th advertisement) for a pursuing Ph.D. programme in INDIA and worked as a graduate student researcher at Institute of Nano Science and Technology, Mohali (INST) jointly with IISER Mohali, where he concentrated on the work of simplifying steps for synthesis of dendritic polymeric molecules and pursued a relevant course of study.

Research Interests

He explored various synthesis technique pertaining to preparation of co-crystal, solvothermal crystallization process ,polymer molecule incorporated with bio-renewable resources through Reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization technique as it allows the product for widespread application in diverse field such as paint, adhesive, thermoplastics due to its low cost, sustainability, and biocompatibility. Inspired by this field of synthesis and characterization of the polymeric entity, during his master’s thesis he worked on the synthesis of double hydrophobic block copolymers with a variation of the block length. The constituted polymeric part of block co-polymer have different solubility in various organic solvents due to contrast in polarity of two block and subsequently studied its self-assemble behavior in selective solvents and further studies have been done for its biomedical application. A manuscript on this topic is published in Reactive and functional polymers journal. As a B.S-M.S. student in Chemical Science, varied coursework and projects helped him to develop a strong interest in the field of crystal and macromolecular science. Working in labs of national as well as international importance has given him a comprehensive exposure to research work. He attended several seminars and symposia to gather knowledge about the wide variety of researches wrangling all over the world and get the chance to meet the eminent professor.  He also grew skills in effective and persuasive communication of scientific findings through academic writings and seminar courses.


Sudhansu Sekhar Jena, Saswati Ghosh Roy, Venkanna Azmeera, Priyadarsi De "Solvent-dependent self-assembly behaviour of block copolymers havingside-chain amino acid and fatty acid block segments". Reactive and Functional Polymers, Volume 99, February 2016, Pages 26-34

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