Lina HarfoucheLina HARFOUCHE

ESR12: Screening of Chiral Solid State and Phase Diagram

Host institution:  University of Rouen, France
Supervisor:  Prof Samuel PETIT and Dr Yohann Cartigny
Industrial toolbox research group: WP5 Enabling Resolution
Individual project research objective:  Development of a method to identify competing solid states and phase diagram of multicomponent chiral systems.
Committee membership: Training Committee
Visits/Secondments: USTRATH, OVGU, PSE


Lina Harfouche, PhD student in the university of Rouen-France in the SMS laboratory. She obtained from the Lebanese University of Beirut a bachelor's degree in specialized chemistry, a master's degree in analytical and environmental chemistry and a master 2 in  physical chemistry materials and catalysis. Her project is to develop a screening methodology to quickly and reliably determine the crystallization-based resolution possibilities of a new chiral compounds, development of methods for assessing the solid state and phase diagram by measuring solid state changes and solubilities in complex multicomponent systems of chiral compounds. Special focus will be given to racemic compounds and the effect of racemization and racemizing agents on the solubility and solid state changes. Finally, these methods will be integrated into a screening tool for the crystallization behavior of chiral compounds in complex multicomponent systems.

Research Interests

Lina undertook an internship in France Rennes at University of Rennes 1 «Institut Des Sciences Chimiques» » UMR CNRS 6226. During this work she has been involved in multi-step organic synthesis and characterization of various supramolecular porphyrin complexes with covalently attached ligands, studied for their abundantly presence in nature and their ability to mimic biological systems. In particular, the synthesis of bis-strapped porphyrin complexes under inert atmosphere with different types of ligands, using purification and separation method on silica gel column, with goal of studying the coordination chemistry for various post-transition metals, and the insertion of bismuth for a α- radio immunotherapy application.Then a very good training on TLC coupled to the MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, NMR spectroscopy and UV-visible spectroscopic method. In Environmental Core Laboratory Of American University Of  Beirut Medical Center Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Depart gave her the opportunity to do physical, chemical and microbiological analysis for several chemical compounds in water, food, soil, pesticides… using the chromatographic techniques (GC, HPLC) and spectroscopic methods (UV-Visible).

Contact details
+33 (0)6 11 36 40 49
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Harfouche, Lina (2017)
The secondment: a rewarding experience in Glasgow

Harfouche, Lina , Clément Brandel, Yohann Cartigny, Gérard Coquerel and Samuel Petit (2018)
Implementation of Preferential Crystallization in unfavorable cases: Detection of metastable conglomerate