Aliou MbodjiAliou MBODJI

ESR11: Discovering Conglomerates

Host institution:  University of Rouen, France
Supervisor:  Dr Valérie DUPRAY 
Industrial toolbox research group: WP5 Enabling Resolution
Individual project research objective:  Development of an experimental conglomerate discovery method.
Committee membership: Dissemination Committee
Visits/Secondments: RUN, UM, TC


Aliou completed a Bachelor in Physics and Chemistry, a ''Maitrise'' equivalent to a Diplomà in Physics and Chemistry and a Master Degree in Physics and Applications at '' Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar'' (UCAD) in SENEGAL . He completed also a second Master Degree in Physics (Solid Sate Physics) in the University of Mysore in India. During, his master projects he worked with good supervisors from both industry and academia. He learnt from them, the ability to work in a team and also independently. Furthermore, he learnt how to distinguish between laboratory experimental level and industrial level and how to make the correlation, the link of both. During this time, he undertook interships, workshops and was an active member in a variety of associations. He started his PhD project entitled ''Discovering Conglomerates'' in January 2017. 

Research Interests

Whilst studying for his Masters degrees, he developed an interest in Synthesis and Charaterization of chemical substances which allowed him to gain expertise in many analytical instruments used in characterization and for the identification of many chemical substances used in industry.  His PhD project, will allow him to receive a complete training on synthesis, on practical separation method and on their characterizations. After a completing training on this domain, he will be able to integrate many laboratories in industrial domain in order to contribute to the discovery and the development of the chemical substances in their purely forms (Pure Enantiomers rather than mixture forms) which are needed in many pharmaceutical areas such as cosmetic, drugs for cancer and foods.

Contact details
+33 (0) 7 54 57 47 64

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Mbodji, Aliou , Gabin Gbabode, Morgane Sanselme, Yohann Cartigny, Nicolas Couvrat, Michel Leeman, Valérie Dupray, Richard M. Kellogg, and Gérard Coquerel (2020)
Evidence of conglomerate with partial solid solutions in ethylammonium chlocyphos
Crystal Growth & Design Publication date (Web): 20 February 2020



Mbodji, Aliou , Gabin Gbabode, Morgane Sanselme, Nicolas Couvrat, Michel Leeman, Valérie Dupray, Richard M. Kellogg, Gérard Coquerel (2019)
Family of conglomerate forming systems composed of chlocyphos and alkyl-amine. Assessment of their resolution performances by using various modes of preferential crystallization
Crystal Growth & Design Publication Date (Web): 8 August 2019



Mbodji, Aliou , Valerie Dupray, Gabin Gbabode, Clément Brandel, Morgane Sanselme, Gérard Coquerel (2018)
Crystal structure determination of Chlocyphos and resolution of Chlocyphos ethylamine salt by preferential crystallization
25th International Workshop on Industrial Crystallization (BIWIC), 6-7 September 2018, University of Rouen, France

Mbodji, Aliou , Gabin Gbabode, Morgane Sanselme, Michel Leeman, Valérie Dupray, Richard M. Kellogg, Gérard Coquerel (2018)
Propensity for amine family to form conglomerates with Chlocyphos and first attempts to perform preferential crystallization of the conglomerate derivative salts
Solvay Workshop "Chiral Symmetry Breaking at Molecular Level" 28 - 30 November 2018, ULB, Brussels

Public engagement

Mbodji, Aliou , Shashank Bhandari, Giuseppe Belletti, Francesca Cascella, Lina Harfouche, Ghufran ur Rehman, Carola Tortora, Giulio Valenti, Raghunath Venkatramanan (2018)
CORE Crystal Growth Competition with Local High Schools
CORE Crystal Growth competition with local high schools (2018) France, Germany, The Netherlands, UK



Mbodji, Aliou (2017)
First Research Experience in SMS Laboratory at University of Rouen, France
CORE Blog post, 22 August 2017

Mbodji, Aliou , Giuseppe Belletti (2017)
Summer School, Nijmegen ’17 – Teamwork is the key
CORE Blog post, 22 August 2017