Joop ter HorstProfessor Samuel PETIT

Beneficiary Partner - University of Rouen, France (UR)

Project Role: Supervisor ESR12


After a PhD thesis in Material Sciences defended in 1994 and devoted to the crystallization of metal-organic complexes, S. Petit spent 18 months as a post-doc in the pharmaceutical industry (Novartis Pharma, Basel, SW) in the Crystal Engineering group. In 1998 he joined as a lecturer the ‘Separative Methods and Sciences‘ (SMS) Laboratory at the University of Rouen (France). Since then, his research is devoted to various aspects related to the crystal growth and structural characterization of organic and pharmaceutical compounds, with special emphasis on chiral discrimination mechanisms, polymorphism and solvates, solid-solid transitions and formation of macroscopic crystal defects, in particular fluid inclusions.

Research Interests

Most of the research activities performed by Prof. S. Petit deals with the crystallization in solution of organic and pharmaceutical compounds. Polymorphism is therefore a major issue but the formation of solvates also provide opportunities to investigate solid-solid transformations and desolvation mechanisms in relation to crystal packing and 3D structural features. Crystal growth investigations were designed to propose a reliable mechanism responsible for the formation of fluid inclusions and revealed the major role of dissolved gases and eventual microbubbles in the formation of such macroscopic defects.

Selected Publications

Structural Aspects of Solid Solutions of Enantiomers (review) C. Brandel, S. Petit, Y. Cartigny, G. Coquerel, Curr. Pharm. Des., 2016, 22, 4929-4941
Formation of New Polymorphs Without any Nucleation Step. Desolvation of the Rimonabant Monohydrate: Directional Crystallisation Concomitant to Smooth Dehydration, B. Fours, Y. Cartigny, S Petit, G. Coquerel, Faraday Discussions 2015, 179, 475-488
Mechanisms of Reversible Phase Transitions in Molecular Crystals: Case of Ciclopirox, C. Brandel, Y. Cartigny, N. Couvrat, M. E. S. Eusebio, J. Canotilho, S. Petit, G. Coquerel, Chem. Mater. 2015, 27, 6360-6373
Impact of Molecular Flexibility on Double Polymorphism, Solid Solutions and Chiral Discrimination during Crystallization of Diprophylline Enantiomers, C. Brandel, Y. Amharar, J. M. Rollinger, U. J. Griesser, Y. Cartigny, S. Petit, G. Coquerel, Mol. Pharmaceutics, 2013, 10 (10), 3850–3861
Impact of gas composition in the mother liquor on the formation of macroscopic inclusions and crystal growth rates. Case study with Ciclopirox crystals, A Waldschmidt, N. Couvrat, B. Berton, V. Dupray, S. Morin, S. Petit, G. Coquerel, Cryst. Growth Des., 2011, 11 (6), 2463-2470

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