Ryusei OketaniRyusei OKETANI

ESR7: Optimization of Second Order Asymmetric Transformation (SOAT)

Host institution:  University of Rouen, France
Supervisor:  Prof Pascal CARDINAEL  and Dr Clément BRANDEL
Industrial toolbox research group: WP4 Hybrid Resolution
Individual project research objective: Methods for optimization and control of Second Order Asymmetric Transformation processes
Committee membership: Industrial Toolbox Committee
Visits/Secondments: ETH, RUN, MERCK


Present: Ph.D. Student at Univ. of Rouen Normandy, France / Graduate Student (Doctor Course) at Kyoto Univ., Japan
2016:M.A. Kyoto Univ., Japan "Theoretical and Experimental Study on Hydrogen Storage Behavior of Metalloporphyrin Crystals"
2014:B.Sc. Osaka Pref. Univ. Coll. of Tech., Japan "Formation of Lactones by Decarboxylation of Aromatic Diacids via TiO2-mediated Photocatalytic Reactions"

Research Interests

Theoretical and experimental study on storing energy gas into organic molecular crystals / Study on applying TiO2 photocatalytic reaction to organic syntheses / Optimization of Second Order Asymmetric Transformation.


A comprehensive list is available from Ryusei's personal web-site which is linked below.

Contact details

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Oketani, Ryusei (2018)
Conference report ~Symposium on Molecular chirality in Japan~

Oketani, Ryusei , Marine Hoquante, Clément Brandel, Pascal Cardinael, Gérard Coquerel (2018)
Practical role of racemization rates in deracemization kinetics and process productivities
Crystal Growth and Design